Survey on parenthood

LGBT Diversity have a survey on parenthood. If you would like to participate please go to the survey on their webpage:

If you are not be comfortable accessing the LGBT Diversity web page there is a direct link to the survey with no logos or obvious LGBT site markers:

The LGBT Parenthood Survey is seeking to identify the experiences and needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) parents and those planning to be parents in Ireland. This is the first time that a study of this nature has been carried out in Ireland and our aim is to build up a picture of these experiences so that we can inform service provision and policy changes for LGBT parents and those planning to be parents.

The findings from the survey will be published and widely disseminated to Government and relevant State bodies, NGOs and advocacy groups, both mainstream and LGBT, to assist them in effecting positive change for LGBT parents and those planning parenthood. The study findings will be shared with all LGBT organisations in Ireland and in particular support groups and organisations to assist them in meeting the needs of the community