New Womens group for Galway

SHEnanigans is a new social group for women in Galway who identify as LGBTQ. The group is for women who want to meet new people, develop new friendships, participate in common interests, network, share resources, build a sense of community and at the end of the day have a bit of craic.
It is a group for women of all ages (over 18) and backgrounds and will endeavour to cater for all ages and interests.
The group will organise off scene events such as movie nights, book clubs, walking/hiking outings, museum visits, concerts, coffee meet-ups, mothers groups, trips abroad, pub nights, clubbing, sports, theatre etc. The possibilities are endless.

Special effort will be made to facilitate women who come on their own, or for the first time. Arrangements can be made to meet up with new people before hand so that they dont have to attend alone.

An ethos of mutual respect, courtesy, warmth, dignity and inclusivity for all members is expected.
The group will always try to use venues suitable for people with special requirements.