Amach! LGBT Galway Ltd. announces seperation from the organising of Galway Community Pride

Amach! Lgbt Galway Ltd. gave a statement at an open community meeting on Wednesday 23rd November 2011 in Seville House Galway informing those present that a decision has been made by the board of directors of Amach! that they no longer have the people or time on the board to continue organising the annual Galway Community Pride. This decision has been taken to enable Amach! to fully engage in other important work that can further the development of the LGBT community.

Amach! LGBT Galway Ltd! recommends that a separate legally constituted group is set up, which is made up of volunteers, community-based, non-for-profit, and broadly representative of the community. This group would have the sole responsibility for the organising and running of the annual community pride festival and that this group would work on pride throughout the year, every year.

Members of the community present on 23rd are holding a community meeting on Wednesday 18th January 2012 in the Harbour Hotel, Galway City, with a view to establishing a newly constituted group for the running of Galway Community Pride. This meeting will be hosted by members of the community not currently involved with Amach! and facilitated by Poul Walsh Olesen, lgbt diversity officer. We campaign for volunteers to attend this meeting and stand forward to establish this group. This is your community, your Pride. Without the Volunteers Galway Community pride will not continue in 2012.