Pride Meeting Sunday 12th February, Dignity Bar Galway

Amach! LGBT Galway ltd. recommended that a seperate legally constituted group is set up, which is made up of Volunteers, Community-based, not-for-profit and broadly representative of the LGBT community. This group would have the sole responsibility for the organising and running of the annual community pride festival and that this group would work on pride throughout the year, every year.

This decision has been taken to enable Amach! to fully engage in other important work that can further the development of the LGBT community. And with a dedicated community pride committee, build on previous prides, inhance the week long community pride festival inclusive of Galways lgbt Community.


A meeting was held on 18th of January in the Harbour Hotel, organised by community members who attended the community meeting in November. The meeting was facilitated by Poul Olesen Walsh, LGBT Diversity Development worker and was attended by members of the voluntary board of directors of Amach! LGBT Galway Ltd.

After a very productive and informative meeting and Q&A session, 5 members of the community volunteered to help organize Galway Community Pride 2012.

Amach! LGBT Galway Ltd will hand over Pride Resources including funds, banners, T-Shirts etc, to a newly established committee for the purpose of organising Galway Community Pride 2012. The handover is subject to the following conditions which were agreed at the meeting:

  • A Community Meeting will be held to elect a pride committee for 2012
  • This meeting will be held on Sunday 12th February at 4.00pm in Dignity Bar Galway
  • The new committee will be properly constituted
  • It will include a constitution
  • Officers will be appointed
  • A bank account will be set up registered in the name of the Committee
  • The committee will be inclusive and broadly representative of the LGBT community
  • It will be volunteer led and work throughout the year, every year, any profit made will go back into the LGBT community
  • Accounts will be audited, accompanied by a written report and submitted to Amach! by November 2012
  • Subject to the above a written application will be submitted to Amach! by March 18th 2012, followed by the handover of pride resources