Galway Community Pride 2012

The board of directors of Amach! would like to congratulate the Galway Community Pride Festival Committee 2012!! They have worked very hard to organising this years Galway Community Pride Festival for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community in Galway’s City and County. We encourage members of the LGBT community, their family’s friends and supporters to come out on the weekend and enjoy the line up of events for the Pride festival which is on from Thursday 23rd of August to Sunday 26th. ( See Galway Community Pride facebook page for more details, link

On Friday 17th  of August, Amach! LGBT Galway Ltd made a donation of €3000 to the Galway Community Pride Festival Committee 2012 as a start up fund for the Galway Community Pride Festival. Amach! Also handed over the responsibility for the safe keeping of the Pride banner’s, stock and other assets to the Pride Committee. A contract was signed which includes the following:

The new Galway Community Pride Festival Committee will:

* Have it’s own Constitution

* Appoint Officers such as Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer

* Set up a Bank Account in the name of the Galway Community Pride Festival Committee

* Be inclusive and broadly representative of the LGBT Community

*  Be volunteer-lead, not-for-profit and work to organise the annual Galway Community Pride Festival

* Agree to remain responsible for the finances, resources and good reputation of The Galway Community Pride Festival until, in accordance with the Constitution, a new committee is elected by the community

* Ensure that accounts for 2012 will be audited, accompanied by a written report and submitted to Amach! LGBT Galway Limited by November 31st 2012

* Present Audited Accounts to the community each year at an open community meeting

* Ensure that the date, time and venue of the above meeting will be announced and widely advertised at least three weeks before the meeting date.

*  Set a date at the community meeting for a meeting to:

a.) Enable new volunteers to get involved in the Galway Community Pride Festival Committee the following year

b.) Facilitate the resignation of and election of new committee members as per the Constitution

c.)Facilitate the handover of Pride Funds and Resources, if required, to the

new committee

* Agree that funds generated, in excess of €3,000 which is considered to be a start-

up fund for the Annual Galway Community Pride Festival, will be re-invested, in the

on-going development of the Galway Community Pride Festival and the LGBT

Community in Galway City & County.

We appreciate the time, commitment and work involved in organising and running the Pride Festival.

Amach! wishes the Pride festival committee, volunteers, our community and supporters a very Happy and Safe pride 2012!!

Members of the board of Amach! LGBT Galway Ltd and members for the Galway Community Pride Festival Committee 2012 at recent meeting for handing over of resources.