Launch of new social group for gay men “Galway Bears”

A message from “Galway Bears” organiser Sean Higgins.

We are proud to announce the launch of Galway Bears @ DeBurgo’s Club, St. Augustine St. Galway on Saturday 25th. August 2012.

The targeted audience is Bears, Cubs, Chasers, Daddies, etc. in the western region and beyond. Bears groups exist in Dublin,Cork and Belfast and now we have a group in the Western region. This means we now have a group in each Province throughout Ireland. We plan to link up with like-minded groups in all areas who wish to do so in the future.

The plan is, after the initial launch, to hold a monthly meeting where Bears and their friends can gather socialise and make plans for activities throughout the year. It is an inclusive group of men that embrace the Bear outlook or philosophy if that is not too presumptuous a word to use. What is a Bear? Is a question that arises and to that end Galway Bears have published an outline of what being a Bear means. Obviously that needs further expansion.

Our Group works very closely with Dublin Bears, who have been very supportive in our formation phase ( We also liaise with Southpaw, the group in Cork, who are also in the initial stages of their formation.

At the moment you can friend us on Facebook;  or email; We are currently having a webpage constructed and details will be published as soon as it is ready. From there you will be able to link into our partner groups and any other relevant bodies.

You can express your interest at our Launch Event this Saturday 25th August @ DeBurgo’s,St. Augustine St. Galway. Hope too see you there or at one of our subsequent events.