Amach! LGBT Community Resource Centre

Over the last 3 years Amach! has established a good working relationship with a wide range of community organisations, local authorities and mainstream agencies. The priority for Amach! is to ensure the establishment of a sustainable, visible, accessible and dedicated LGBT resource space to address isolation by providing an alcohol-free venue for social networking and other vital supports.

Background overview.

2010 – Amach! LGBT Galway Ltd lobbied the City Council. As a result the establishment of a resource centre was included in Galway City’s Development Plan for 2011-2017

2011 – Amach! asked Galway’s LGBT community to guide us on our work going forward. We held a number of open community consultation meetings in the City and County and launched an on line survey.

Amach! worked with a broad range of community organisations, local authorities and mainstream agencies (‘Inter-agency Working Group’) to identify and address gaps in the current provision of supports and services for members of the LGBT community. This work is ongoing.

2012 – In October Deputy Mayor Cllr. Frank Fahy launched the Amach! Report on LGBT community consultation and our strategic plan. The findings in this report has shaped Amach! 3 year strategic plan.

Also in October, members of Amach! and the LGBT Inter-agency Working Group attended a meeting with Minister Frances Fitzgerald. There was an open and frank discussion about our work and the need for the LGBT community in Galway to have it’s own resource centre.

In November Cllr Terry O’Flaherty, Mayor of Galway City, Cllr Peter Roche, Deputy Mayor of Galway County launched ‘Celebrating Diversity’, the three-year plan developed by the Inter-agency Working Group. The findings of Amach! LGBT community consultation report and other research informed the development of this plan.

After the launch a public meeting was held with Ms Bernadine Quinn, Co-ordinator of Dundalk Outcomers, and Mr George Robotham, Chairperson of Outhouse in Dublin, sharing their experiences and providing evidence of the benefits of having dedicated LGBT resource spaces.

Current and ongoing work;
We are very encouraged and delighted with the overwhelming support and on going work with the group of community organisations, local authorities and mainstream agencies. The priority as identified by Amach! LGBT community consultation is a dedicated LGBT resource space. Efforts are focused around five key themes: Health; Community Supports; Safety and Policing; Education and Learning andTransgender Inclusion.

Amach! have recently been successful in a funding application and are currently working on sourcing further funding and a venue to be provided towards the development of an accessible, sustainable and safe LGBT Community Resource Centre in Galway. We are confident that this will be a reality in the very near future.

A full audited report on all our for 2012 will be available at our annual open community meeting. Details of the meeting will be advertised as soon as a date is confirmed.