Board meeting Monday 22nd July 2013

The board of Amach! had one of it’s regular board meetings this evening, Amach! would like to warmly welcome our two new board members Valentine and Kealan to the board of Amach! We look forward to working with them in the future. Amach! would welcome anyone that might be interested in training to become a board member you can contact us through our link here at info at Amach!

At the meeting we also discussed our upcoming fundraising table quiz which there is more info about on this website. The next meeting of the LGBT parents group was also on our agenda again more details can be found here on our web site.

The board is still working hard on our goal of having a community resource centre here in Galway this is one of the boards main aims for the future.

Enjoy what is left of the summer and be safe,
From all at Amach!