AMACH! At Galway City Community Forum meeting on Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Amach gave a presentation on Tuesday 3rd December along with other community groups and organisations to the Quarterly Meeting of the Galway City Community Forum in the Harbour Hotel in Galway. The theme of the presentation was ‘My Galway, My Vision’.

The keynote address was given by the new Galway City Manager, Brendan McGrath. A presentation was also given by Dr. Chris McInerney of the University of Limerick entitled ‘Citizen Participation – It Ain’t Rocket Science’.

Also attending and setting out their vision for Galway were a number of city councillors. We were delighted to hear some of the councillors raise awareness and specifically mention sexual orientation and the LGBT community along with the inclusion of a Resource Centre in the City Development Plan in their vision for a better and more inclusive Galway. Amach would like to congratulate their recently appointed new Chairperson, John Corcoran on his first address to such a gathering. Well done John.