AMACH! LGBT Parents group meeting on Saturday 30th December 2013

Brian Sheehan from Glen (Gay lesbian equality network)

A big thank you! to Brian Sheehan from glen for joining AMACH! LGBT Parents support group in Galway for information session on the rights of same sex parents. Thank you to everyone who attended. Big thank you also to the AMACH! LGBT parents support group, your participation in the discussion was a great and valuable learning experience for all of us.

It was a very informative afternoon, clarifying the legal protections, rights and responsibilities for same- sex parents and their children. Also a very good overview of what has been achieved to date and the journey ahead of us to equality. We look forward to your return to Galway Brian.

Thank you to Galway Rural Development Company Ltd for funding this event.

L-R John Corcoran AMACH! chairperson,Valentine H. Tynan AMACH! director, Michaela Parker AMACH! LGBT parents group, Nuala Ward AMACH! vice chair, Brian Sheehan (Glen) and Sandie Murphy AMACH! LGBT parents group