AMACH! Public Meeting 28th April 2014 LGBT Resource Centre for Galway

Time for an LGBT Resource Centre for Galway’ public meeting on Monday last was a very informative and well supported event. 9 LGBT groups participated including Marriage Equality and GLEN. AMACH! LGBT Galway Ltd gave an overview of their work from getting an LGBT Resource Centre into the City development plan in 2010 to presenting Galway City Council with 1078 signatures on their petition calling on Galway City Council to fulfil their commitment to Galway’s LGBT community. (Copy of petition with signatures and comments available to view)
l-r Nuala Ward Vice Chair AMACH! Galway City Mayor Padraig Conneely,AMACH! Chair John Corcoran, Galway City Manager Brendan McGrath and Social Inclusion Officer Sharon Lawless
Keith Finnegan from Galway Bay fm chaired the meeting. When asked by Mr Finnegan during the discussion if Galway City Council could have done more over the last 4 years to progress their commitment, Cllr Billy Cameron said “yes”
AMACH! are now inviting all candidates for the up coming election to sign the AMACH! pledge to take action on progressing the establishment of LGBT Resource centre should they be elected as a public representative to the City Council.
AMACH! LGBT Galway Pledge
This on going AMACH! campaign is also encouraging everyone to;
 a) make sure you are registered to vote. Just log onto if are not registered you cannot vote, if you don’t vote your voice will not be heard!
 b) contact your Cllr’s and ask if they have signed the AMACH! pledge.
c) keep an eye on  for up dates on who has signed the pledge
d) Don’t forget vote.
PDF version of Pledge
l-r Brian Sheehan GLEN, Keith Finnegan (Galway Bay FM) ind chair of meeting and Orla Howard Marriage Equality