Have you a story to tell?

My LGBT Recollections is been undertaken as an integral part of the LGBT History Project which it is hoped will result in an audio-visual archive including individual recollections and also in a book with a proposed title The First Wave – Reflections Pre -1973 to 1993 in which people can talk about the part they may or may not have played in our LGBT liberation or their experiences of those days. If you were not involved politically but have a story about your coming out before or during 1973 or indeed anytime up to 1993 please get in touch. You may or may not be aware that that last year, 2013, was a special year for the LGBT community in Ireland as it celebrated the 41st anniversary of the founding of the gay movement here in Ireland – Top Floor, No 5, Front Square, TCD, the 31st anniversary of the first Pride March in Dublin and the 21st anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexual acts between consenting adult males.

To date, 110 people have given wonderful interviews and from them a great picture of life pre 1993 of the LGBT Community in Ireland is emerging and I am more than grateful but more stories are still needed and that is why I am writing to you to help and thus play your part in your own history. All of the interviews/chats have taken place in Dublin but not all of the LGBT people were from the Dublin Greater area.
During the early part of 2015 it is proposed to interview/chat with LGBT people in Galway, Cork, Limerick and other places in the country.


       reflections you have from your experiences of coming out.

       A loan of any photos, posters, flyers, newspaper cuttings and other relevant mementos from that time.

I can be contacted if you are interested at:

MY LGBT Recollections
Irish LGBT History Project c/o 6 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.
E-mail edmlynch@eircom.net
Phone +353 (0) 87 2301922 or +353 ( 0) 1 4551137