Resource Centre News

AMACH! are very happy to report that at the City Council 2015 budget meeting last night 10th Nov.  Cllr Flannery’s motion to make funding available to AMACH! for the LGBT Resource Centre project received support from all the Councillors and the CEO of City Council. €25 thousand will be made available to AMACH! in the City’s 2015 budget. We are delighted that Galway City Council has joined this Inter Agency working group approach to providing vital supports and services for Galway’s LGBT community and their families. This brings Galway another step forward to being socially inclusive and in line with other major Cities in Ireland.

This is a welcome outcome and a great achievement for AMACH! and Galway’s LGBT community. Well done to all involved!! And a VERY BIG THANK YOU to the Inter Agency Working group, shOUT!, AMACH!, LGBT parents support group, GIG Soc, Family Resource Centre LGBT network, GOSSIP, Galway Community Pride, Amnesty LGBT Galway, Silver Rainbows and the board members of AMACH! past and present for their time, commitment, dedication and hard work over the last 4 years. A special thank you to the Galway people for their on- going support! We look forward to opening the doors of Galway’s LGBT Resource Centre , welcoming everyone and start to roll out the AMACH! LGBT resource center project.