AMACH! Press Release regarding Galway City Council and Teach Solais Resource Centre

The board of AMACH! after exhausting all avenues to have the €25.000 released by Galway City Council towards the running costs of Teach Solais LGBT Resource Centre, we have had no option left and very disappointed!  We have sent out the following press release,,,,,,,,,


AMACH! are extremely concerned at the City Council’s delay in releasing the €25,000 allocated towards the running cost of Teach Solais LGBT Resource Centre.

The funds were approved in November 2014 at a City Council meeting for the City’s budget 2015. AMACH! are calling on the City Council to honour their decision and release the
funds immediately as matter of urgency!

Following the request from the City Council, AMACH! in good faith submitted a signed lease agreement on the 26th of August 2015 and were informed it would take two weeks. AMACH! are still waiting on the funds to be released. This delay by the City Council has AMACH! two months in rent arrears. AMACH! are deeply concerned that any further delay will cause further damage to the good working relationships and transparent governance the group has established over the years.

The decision to seek funding towards the running costs of the centre was taken when it was established that the City Council did not own or manage a suitable premises for use as an LGBT resource centre in order to fulfil their commitment in the Cities development plan.

Prior to the decision at the City Council meeting in November 2014, all off the City Councillors and the CEO of Galway City Council were provided with; a detailed estimated three year operational cost; a break down of how the funds would be used included rent; an outline of other funds received including the contribution towards the project from Galway County Council.

A clear request was also sent to all in the City Council which included the following to: “ Should no suitable premises be available, secure funding for rent of same.” and “ To make available said funds to AMACH! LGBT Galway Ltd. to secure a suitable city centre premises as an LGBT Resource Centre for the provision of vital supports and services for the LGBT community.”

Never at any stage did AMACH! mention the purchase of a building or was it ever suggested by any member of the City Council, therefore the board of AMACH! rejects the claim that “The Councillors allocated financial support to the resource centre was intended to be capital support towards the long-term provision of a centre and not for rental purposes.”

AMACH! are calling on the City Council to honour their decision
recorded in their minutes November 2014 “Contribution to LGBT/Amach Inter-agency resource(25,000)” Release the funds immediately so AMACH! can pay the rent owed.

Teach Solais LGBT Resource Centre, supported by the Inter Agency working group will provide vital supports and services which will benefit the overall health and well-being of LGBT people, their
families and friends. The centre will be a safe space, will be
utilised by a number of LGBT peer support groups and will be open to the wider community to access information, enjoy a cuppa and participate in relevant events.

Teach Solas