Teach Solais LGBT Resource Centre Management Group, how to get involved.

Next up, Teach Solais LGBT Resource Centre. Your centre, your community, your safe space, you decide!! Your help is needed, from choosing the paint colour to running the centre and everything in between.

Wednesday the 9th of December, 6pm to 8pm Seville House, New Dock Street, Galway. 

Find out; 1)What has been done so far. 2)What’s next. 3)How you can input in decision making on running the centre. 4) How your group can input in decision making on running the centre. 5) What are the different ways you can help out.

Teach Solais will be a safe space for all of Galway’s LGBT community and their families. How it will be run, events, meetings, decision making  and everything that happens in the centre will be decided collectively.
As such it is extremely important that all LGBT groups in Galway are represented at the ‘ Running Teach Solais LGBT Resource Centre meeting to insure that your group and its members needs are facilitated.
AMACH! have secured the premises for Teach Solias and funding for the running of same. It is now up to all of the LGBT groups and the LGBT community to decide how it will be run and insure that our diverse community will be represented.
It is crucial that all LGBT groups and the LGBT community get on board with the running of Teach Solais. It is your safe space and it needs your input and participation for the LGBT resource center project to be successful.
We look forward to seeing you/members of your group there on (date, time, venue).
The board of AMACH! LGBT Galway Ltd.
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