Focus Group on the Burning Issues 2 project

burning issuesAmach! LGBT Galway is assisting the National LGBT Federation (NXF) in setting up a Focus Group on the Burning Issues 2 project.
Years of dedicated activism led to momentous legislative gains for the LGBT community in 2015.  Now that marriage equality and gender recognition for adults have been realised; in the election year 2016, the NXF is asking “what is next for LGBT Ireland and what is important to YOU?”
The first component of the Burning Issues 2 Project is an on-line survey that was launched at the end of January. This survey offers participants the opportunity to inform the future direction and priorities of our community.
To complement the survey research, a number of LGBT community focus groups will also take place across Ireland in Spring 2016, where participants will have the chance to make their voice heard, with a particular emphasis on the needs of LGBT people outside Dublin and LGBT migrants.
A Focus Group meeting in Galway will be held on the 16th April 2016 in The Harbour Hotel from 2-4pm. We are looking for 15 people to take part in the group and to have your say on the issues that you think are important for our community going forward. This will be a once off event. Please contact or Kathy on 086-1960574 for more information.
Places are limited to 15.