Teach Solais Football Team

Teach Solais Football Team

The 11th Annual AEM Football Championships is coming to Galway July 15th – July 17th!

While it is not a Social Inclusion event or a Galway City Council event, a team comprising mainly of Galway City Council employees travelled to Aalborg in 2013 to take part and then to Berlin in 2015 where the team was invited to host and will take part in this year’s tournament. 

The tournament will be hosted in Mervue United FC and a marquee will serve as a base between the games, all of which will be refereed. 

There will be group stages, semi-finals and a final. 

All teams will receive a trophy at the end and every player will receive a commemorative AEM t-shirt.

It would be fantastic to have a Teach Solais team take part. We need a Squad of between 12 to 20 players and it can of course be mixed! Supporters are also very welcome and with no league players, the emphasis is on fun!

More info on galwayaem2016.wordpress.com

If you are interested please contact resourcecentre@amachlgbt.com by Monday 13/06/16