Your Centre, Your Voice!

Exciting times ahead with Teach Solais LGBT+ Resource Centre opening very soon!!! To ensure that your Resource Centre will meet the diverse needs of Galway’s LGBT+ Community, Teach Solais Community Development Worker Kashie Prendergast wants to meet you!

Kashie will carry out interviews with members of the LGBT+ Community to help ensure the Resource Centre is what the LGBT+ Community wants it to be. The one-to-one interviews will take place in a private setting, will not be recorded and contributions will be anonymous.

Your voice is essential to help achieve this and will ensure services, activities and supports in Teach Solais as well as the work of the LGBT+ Inter-Agency Group are focused upon meeting real and not perceived needs.

Your contribution is very important in shaping the future of your Resource Centre. To take part just email Kashie directly and in confidence at

Your Centre! Your Voice! Your Community! Be part of history in the making! Teach Solais, the first LGBT+ Community Resource Centre in the West!