AMACH! AGM-changes to the board

Maria Molly new AMACH! LGBT Chairperson

AMACH! LGBT has recently had it’s AGM, two of it’s members that have been there since it’s inception back in 2010 have retired, Nuala Ward  and Kiran Emrich. The very best wishes and most sincere thanks to you both for all your hard work, dedication and unwavering belief in our goal of Teach Solais resource centre.

Nuala in particular, you have been an inspiration for many in the LGBT+ and wider community, a stalwart in the journey for equality, integration and health promotion. John Corcoran also stepped down as chairperson and took the role of vice-chairperson.

I, Maria Molloy have the daunting task of attempting to follow such greats as Nuala and John in becoming the next chairperson of AMACH! LGBT. We will put all our energy into making Teach Solais a success for the community, but we can’t do it alone, please contact us if you wish to volunteer, have an idea for an event, become a member of the committee, or wish to donate towards the running of the resource centre.

Here is a link to a recent article about the centre

Teach Solais Resource Centre