New Website!

After a month or so of being off line the all new Amach website is now live and active!

The hope is that the website becomes a online hub for the LGBTI+ community of Galway looking for information about Amach!, Teach Solais and any other LGBTI+ information they might need.

With a new sections listing supports in and around Galway, guest authors writing opinions pieces and a dedicated section all for Teach Solais the new site, still in it’s infancy, hopes to grow and improve as times goes on.

Form the new site access can see the current board, the roll of honour of past board members, information on the Teach Solais Management Group and much much more.

One of the most exciting features will be the posts from guest authors. People who have used the services at Teach Solais or been advocates for the LGBTI+ community in Galway have already written pieces which are available on the new site and more and coming soon. If you’re be interested in writing or sharing your views get in touch by emailing us on and telling us what you’d like to write about. We’re always on the look out for new pieces.

So now that’s it live we’d highly recommenced you bookmark the site and come back on a regular basis! See ya soon!