Family Supports

When a parent or guardian first realises that their child is LGBT, they may need some help to deal with their own reactions and concerns. Parent support groups are a good way to meet with other parents with LGBT children, to talk through issues in a confidential and supportive way.

shOUT Support for Parents and Guardians – Galway

shOUT arranges monthly meetings for parents or guardians of a LGBT people. Meetings take place in Galway city to provide opportunities for parents/guardians to meet one another in a safe, confidential and supportive environment.
Tel: 087 773 8529

Supports for Married People

People in heterosexual marriages may also come out as LGBT, which can be a very difficult and confusing time for their spouse, as well as for the person themselves.

The LGBT Helpline run peer support groups for spouses or long term heterosexual partners, of people who have revealed they are LGBT. For more information on the location, dates, and times of meetings and updates on new groups, go to:

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