The name of the organisation is AMACH! LGBT Galway

Vision Statement

AMACH! LGBT Galway Ltd aims to reflect equality the diversity within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community by encouraging positive participation from the community. We actively advocate to achieve a solid and safe support structure for the LGBT community in Galway.

We aim to promote awareness, educational and training events and workshops and endeavor to support and promote a socially inclusive society.


  • To ensure that the Committee reflects the LGBT community, works in an effective manner and is both transparent and accountable
  • To support the development of an accessible and safe Resource Centre that can be utilised by the LGBT community
  • To work towards supporting the provision of services for the LGBT community
  • To source funding for future development through grant applications and fundraising events
  • To support the LGBT community to have a voice in influencing and bringing about changes in LGBT issues.


  • The membership is open to people living/working in the LGBT community and who are interested in the area of community development.
  • The Committee shall consist of a minimum of seven (7) members and a maximum of fifteen (15), one of which may include a staff representative.
  • The Committee membership will aim to reflect a gender balance and representation from all strands of the LGBT community.
  • If a Committee member misses three consecutive meetings without an apology then the member may be deemed no longer a member of the Committee.
  • New members may be brought onto the Committee at any time but must be proposed and seconded by existing Committee members.
  • Members will be required to sign up to the voluntary agreement and abide by the ground rules and policies and procedures of the Committee and be committed to promote its aims and values.
  • Committee members who do not adhere to this Constitution will no longer be deemed a member of the Committee.


  • The Committee will have three key officer’s positions – Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Additional officers may be elected as required by the Committee such as a PRO
  • Members must have served on the Committee for a period of one year before becoming eligible for election as an Officer of the Committee.


  • No decision can be made at Committee meetings where a quorum is not present. A quorum is made up of 50% of the Committee plus one, subject to a minimum of four.
  • A minimum of six (6) Committee meetings will be held each year including the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Committee aims to hold at least one general meeting each year with the wider LGBT community.

Decision Making

  • The Committee will endeavour to reach a consensus on decisions. In the event of this not happening decisions will be taken by a majority vote.
  • Voting will be open.
  • Each Committee member is entitled to one vote. The member must be present in person to vote.
  • In the event of a tied vote the Chairperson will have a second / casting vote.

Annual General Meeting – AGM

  • The Committee will hold an AGM each year.
  • Notice will be given at least 21 days in advance in writing, which will include the time, date and venue of the AGM.
  • One third of the Committee will step down at each AGM, but will be eligible for reelection, subject to a maximum of five years consecutive service.
  • All Officers who have served for three consecutive years may not be re-elected into the same office but may be re-elected into another office, subject to a maximum of five years consecutive service.

Extraordinary General Meeting

  • An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be called in cases where changes are to be made to the Constitution or where there is misconduct on the part of a member or officer.
  • An EGM may be called by submitting the reason for the EGM to the Chairperson and/or Company Secretary in a letter signed by no fewer than three members of the Committee.
  • In such an event the Committee will be obliged to organise an EGM within ten days.
  • This task may be designated to the Chairperson or Secretary.

Amendment to Constitution

  • A proposal to amend the Constitution may be made by the Committee, any individual member of the Committee or any three members (not being Committee members) of the organisation.
  • The proposal will be placed on the AGM or EGM Agenda of the Organisation. The amendment will be deemed effective if passed by a two thirds majority of the meeting.


  • Sub Groups such as the Finance sub-group; the Pride sub-group will be set up by the Committee. These sub-groups will operate out of and be guided by the Terms of Reference ratified by the Committee.
  • Sub-groups can consist of membership from outside the Committee. The sub- groups will always be chaired by a member of the Committee.
  • Each sub-group will be required to keep minutes of meetings and provide a written report to the Committee after each sub-group meeting.
  • The Committee may set up or disband sub-groups or working groups as required.

Links to regional / National structures:

The Committee may participate in relevant national and regional structures.

Financial Accountability

The Committee will cause proper books of accounts to be kept according to the Financial Policy of AMACH! LGBT Galway.

Disciplinary Procedures

  • A proposal to expel a member of the Committee may be made in the event of:
    • The Committee member acting in a manner contrary to the vision and values, aims and objectives of AMACH! LGBT Galway
    • Persistent non attendance at Committee meetings or sub-group meetings.
    • Misuse of funds
    • Misconduct including:
      • Breaching the rules of the Constitution
      • Offensive, abusive behaviour